2010 kawasaki ninja 250r

2010 kawasaki ninja 250r 2010 kawasaki ninja 250r

For those who texted, PMed, messaged, Facebooked, Friendstered, Tweetered, and/or emailed me about the 2010 Ninja 250r, here are my answers. Sorry for not replying to your inquiries – I’m busy with my bike and I don’t have a cellphone load… :D Thanks for those who called!

You can order the Ninja in any motorcycle stores. The total price is 240,000 pesos. It is only available on cash-basis option (no installment or utang). I have an unconfirmed report that 1 store in Manila/Caloocan sells their 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250r in installment basis. However, the selling price is 300,000 pesos. 

Here are the complete steps when ordering the Ninja 250r (again, you can order it in any MC stores nationwide):

1. I went to Kservico Lucena and ask them if they can deliver the unit to me coz the ninja250r is in Muntilupa (HQ of Kawasaki Philippines)

2. Kservico Lucena said YES and asked me for a 50% downpayment, which is 120,000 pesos. The rest of the payment will be on the delivery date mismo.

3. The waiting period they gave me was 7 days but the actual delivery date was 11 days.

In Visayas and Mindanao, the delivery date  could take longer. If you are near Davao, Emcor has 1 unit on display. I also heard that 1 unit is in Dumaguete City. Deliveries are planned in Cebu.

UPDATE: Digos and Davao City price ranges from 255,000 to 265,000 pesos (thru Emcor). Dumaguete has 1 unit on display, which is 240,000 pesos (cash only).

4. Before they will release the unit, you will have to pay the remaining 50% payment, which is 120,000 pesos.

5. The total payment was 250,000 pesos.

  • 240,000 for the unit (Luzon price). I will update the prices in Visayas & Mindanao soon.
  • 7,500 for the 1-year comprehensive insurance (c/o Malayan)
  • 2,500 pesos for the 3-year LTO registration

I opted for the cheaper 1-yr TPL insurance and 1-yr LTO registration, which are bundled with the 240,000-peso base-price.

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.