Comparing Bajaj Rouser 200cc and Kawasaki Ninja 250r

Comparing 2009 Bajaj Rouser 200cc and the 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250r

Both bikes look great but the Rouser feels like a mini-big bike. It’s a good bike for those who want to learn how to ride big bikes such as the Ninja 250. When I first rode my Ninja, it feels like I’m riding my old Rouser. There’s no difference in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears. You can feel the power of the Ninja from the 4th-6th gears.

Clutch – the Rouser’s clutch is a little hard. On my new Ninja, changing gears is smooth and easy. I sometimes have problems with my clutch on my Rouser.

Throttle – the Rouser’s throttle is smooth not unlike Ninja’s (which is hard – maybe this is because it’s still new?).

Cornering – almost the same

Long Rides – the Ninja is more comfortable on long rides.

Fuel Consumption – the Rouser is more practical because it consumes less gas. My average was 39km per liter. On the other hand, my ninja consumes approximately 22km per liter (break-in period).

Looks – as what I’ve said earlier, booth bikes look great. However, the Ninja250 has the upper-hand when it comes to aesthetics and design. It is just like its 600cc siblings. When my Rouser was still new (I think I’m the first one to have it here in our city), I was constantly followed by several MC drivers. However, on my Ninja, 2 policemen on their MCs followed me until the stoplight and asked me some questions. They followed me until I parked my Ninja at a mall and they checked it out. And one time, several salesboys and guards from SM took pictures of my Ninja while I was tanking-up. The ninja is still new here in our city that’s why some motorists are curious about it (even cage drivers ask questions about my ninja).

Weight – the Ninja (175kg) is heavier than the Rouser (140kg).

Speed – of course a 250cc bike is faster than a 200cc. On my Rouser, my top speed was 125kmph. At present, my Ninja’s odometer is still 480km and my top speed is 115kmph.

According to many online forums and users, the Rouser’s top speed is 135 km/p, while the Ninja 250r is 180 km/p.

Horsepower – Rouser is 18hp and the 2010 Ninja is 32-34hp.

Set Height –almost the same at 30.5 inches.

Passenger Experience – my girlfriend is more comfortable back-riding the Rouser because the Ninja’s passenger seat is higher than the driver’s.

Maintenance – the rouser is easy to clean. Ninja’s fairing easily accumulates dirt especially when it is raining. When changing oil, the rouser does not need to change its filter coz it has a magnetic metal thing that magnets loose particles – therefore it cost less to maintain.

Fuel – both bikes’ recommended fuel is Petron XCS

Full Tank – the Rouser has 13 liters (with 2 liters as reserve) and the Ninja has 18 liters (no reserve).

Insurance – the comprehensive insurance for the Rouser is approximately 2,000 pesos while Ninja’s comprehensive insurance is approximately 7,200 pesos.

LTO Registration – you can register the Ninja for 3 years for only 2,500 pesos. I’m not sure about Rouser. I think it can only be 1 year.

Guys please message me here if you more comparisons. You can also email me if you have some questions about the 2010 Ninja250r.

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  1. sir i have rouser 220 latest,at first i really enjoyed riding around the city,but after one month ive notice the changes, i heard extra murmur inside when i start the engine,some friends telling me about the disadvantage of rouser 220.they said that rouser 220 was not good in it true?

  2. Hi Anjo,

    Unfortunately, it’s true. I’ve heard many owners telling me that although what I’ve experienced was with the Rouser 200.

  3. Hey there,
    I am really attracted to the sporty look of the rouser 220 but worried about some of the negative feedback I’m getting regarding it’s quality…I would prefer to buy the ninja 250r but its just no way I would be able to afford one anytime soon. The rouser 220 on the otherhand is within affordability. Quality-wise, what should I be concerned with should I buy one (I plan on getting one in the next week or two)…And can you give me a list of things to be aware of as well as how to remedy the possible setbacks…Thanks! and more power to you dude..!

  4. Hi! Im riding a Rouser 220cc, bought it morethan a year ago. In first 3 months its kinda rockin and smooth! But later on, there are lot of troubles that came along…ilang bese na sya balik balik sa mekaniko. The latest is yung madalas na pag ooverheat kahit wala pa 1km natatakbo ko. Tapos pahirapan mastart pag lumamig na…then madalas din parang nabubulunan, nabibitin pasok ng gasolina. Anu po kaya problema nito? Please help…
    Thank you in advance buddy!

  5. Hi boss. I just want to get your opinion on this. I’m planning of buying a MC and torn between a Rouser 220 and a Yamaha FZ. Actually I’m leaning towards Rouser 220 but after reading your say about it, now, I feeling kinda half-hearted on the “over-rated”, If I may say on the 220. My question to you is, between the two, who will you pick? Considering style, price, reliability and gas milage. I’m 36 yrs., 5’9 and 170lbs. No long drives, just gonna use it for work (25km drive). Thanks bud and hats-off to you for making “us”, MC enthusiast, newbies and pros a like, an amazing website like this! God speed and more power to you!

  6. Hey bud. I just want to get your take on this. I’m planning of buying a MC & torn between a Rouser 220 & Yamaha FZ. Actually, after reading some forums, I came down towards the 220 but after reading your say about it, now, I feeling kinda half-hearted on the “over-rated”, If I may say, Rouser 220. My question to you is, between the two, who will you pick? Considering the style, price, reliability, gas milage & parts availability. I’m 36 yrs., 5’9 and 170lbs. No long drives, just basically gonna use it for my daily commute to work (25km/day). Thanks bud in advance! By the way, hats-off to you for making “ME”, my fellow MC enthusiast, newbies and pros alike, an amazing website like this! God speed and more power to you!

  7. ask ko lang po sana if nationawide po ba ang bintahan ng parts ng rouer220?lalo na po ung rear sprocket na 38t..

  8. Original / OEM parts for the Rouser 220 are available only at Kawasaki Muntinlupa but you can order it at any MC manufacturer branch (particularly at Kservico and Emcor). Order ka lang through sa kanila then sila na mag order para sa’yo sa Kawasaki Muntinlupa.

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